#1 Introducing...

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  • Song Name: Comic Soc Cast 2014 #1
  • Artist: LUU Comic Soc
  • Album: Comic Soc Cast
  • Year: 2014

In the first episode of the newly resurrected Comic Soc Cast Ben and George (Society President) talk about plans for the society and the podcast, as well as introducing listeners to their president with a brief chat about George’s history as it relates to comics. Then Ben introduces Treasurer, Sammi, for a brief chat about some of her favourite comics. Unfortunately Society Secretary, Miranda, was unavailable to appear on this episode, but she will be on an an episode coming soon, we promise!

It’s been a while and we’re all a little rusty so the conversation may be a little awkward on this first episode, but we’ll soon get right back into the swing of things. In the same vein the audio in this episode is of a slightly lower quality than we’d like, this should be fixed by #2.